20 April 2009

Kit Evolution = Head Gear

James Hunt's Bell Star II SW

Freddie Hunt: "This is the helmet that my father used during his 1976 World Championship-winning season, complete with all the original battle scars. The helmet means a huge amount to me, but it was a piece of functional machinery to him and I know he did his best to keep it in good order. But he still proudly decorated it in the colours of Wellington School - a Hunt family tradition." Shell: woven fibreglass. Visor: 1.5mm clear polycarbonate. Weight: 1850g. Interior: straight white expanded polystyrene lining. Cooling/airflow: none. Aerodynamics: not considered. Strength: built to withstand impacts at a force of 140Joules at peak acceleration of 300G. Sebastian Vettel's Arai GP-5 RC Carbon Sebastian Vettel: "Since I've been with Arai they've done a really great job. I work with them and Red Bull to ensure the helmet provides the optimum protection and comfort. For me, with the long, hot races, ventilation and cooling are an essential element. I drive with the Red Bull design but there's always space for me to add my own ideas. In Brazil last season I had pictures of the Toro Rosso team decorated on the outside." Shell: carbon super-fibre. Self-extinguishing 10 seconds after contact with fire Visor: 3mm optically correct tinted polycarbonate visor with tear-off strip to improve mid-race visibility. Can withstand debris impact of objects moving at 500kph. Weight: 1200g. Interior: fibre belt increases rigidity by limiting the spread of cracks from repeated impact. Cooling/airflow: two air intakes at the front of helmet regulate temperature. Aerodynamics: spoilers and gurney flaps work aerodynamically with the car. Strength: combined with reduced weight, is twice that of James Hunt-era helmet.

Source: redbulletin.com

19 April 2009

Make Some Noise for Vettel !!!

Today's race was started by SC due to the heavy rain happened in Shanghai. Kimi Raikkonen started from 8th position, while the cheerful kid from Germany named Sebastian Vettel took the pole position. It's boring at first. The cars... all of them followed SC obediently. to be continued....
Interviewer: The helmet has a special meaning for many drivers. How important is it to you?_________ Kimi: It protects my head.