29 November 2008

He loves this game!

How Kimi loves ice hockey so much. :)

26 November 2008

Top 8 F-1 Sexiest Drivers (2008)

If I ask you to choose eight drivers in F-1 as your
Top 8 F-1 Sexiest Drivers in 2008 Season
who will they be? ( ^_^)?
Do you agree with this video?!?
or this one?
Well, I DON'T! ;)
Anyway... my version will probably be this way:
  1. Kimi
  2. Vettel
  3. Nelson
  4. Jenson
  5. Bourdais
  6. Webber
  7. Rosberg
  8. Timo Bullock ;p

03 November 2008

A Beautiful Mess...

WHAT A RACE!!! It's been a wonderful season I've ever experienced!!! hampir di semua GP (tahun ini) gue nafas nafas n super deg2an, ga bs lega klo cheuqered flag belum dikibarkan. BUT the best are Spa and Sao Paulo! dari awal nonton GP, udah siapin diri (rohani n jasmani) menyambut siapapun yg akan jadi WDC 2008. (walau) Udah punya strong feeling Hamilton yg akan jd WDC, tapi tetep berharap Massa yg menang biar Ferrari dpt '1 paket'. lap terakhir, sempet sms slh 1 tifosi bilang 'Vettel.. Glock... please help Massa!'... tapi.. yah apa mau dikata, it's a race.. you'll never know what might happen till the last lap... Glock lost the pace and Hamilton overtook him. 1 point is MORE than enough of crowning him a new WDC. Congratulations LEWIS HAMILTON... Great job FELIPE MASSA.... Forza FERRARI!!! Go... KIMI RAIKKONEN for helping the team so well and sincerely! ^^ Nahan nangis sampe akhir race, tapi ga kuat pas denger komentator bilang... '(walopun lewis yg WDC) BUT the number 1 is always the best...' Langsung ga kuat n ga kerasa air mata menetes. I whispered to myself... how I love Ferrari and all the elements inside it (n thanks God kimi is a part of it as well).
how i thanked my uncle and grandpa for introducing me to this sport called racing back then in early 91/92. :) cheers, Rookieonen a.k.a Liberti.... Go... KIMI!!! (i'm ready to welcome your title next year and the year after that as well, LOL) p.s. nyontek ucapan teh Iya... "Asyiknya jadi tifosi, We Win Together, We Lose together". Yuk marrri! ^^
Interviewer: The helmet has a special meaning for many drivers. How important is it to you?_________ Kimi: It protects my head.