22 October 2008

What Kimi said...

Lupa kapan tepatnya gue berencana mau posting tentang ini, tapi yg jelas udah luaaamma... banget, hehe... Yakni tentang jawaban Kimi di sebuah wawancara dgn F1 Racing (Edisi Oktober). Here are two that I like most.
Why don't you show more emotion after winning a race? It's not my style. yeah, winning feels good, but I'm not the type of guy to jump up and down and rub it in everyone's face.
How important is it for you to drive for a team that respects your personality and lifestyle? For sure, it's important. It's one of the big reasons I came to Ferrari. No one was demanding that I change. I live the way I live, I am as I am and the team is happy with it.
That's Kimi... and I admire him for the way he is :) Go KIMI!!! You'll get the title back next year and in 2010!!!
*optimist mode is loading...

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Interviewer: The helmet has a special meaning for many drivers. How important is it to you?_________ Kimi: It protects my head.