13 July 2008

Simple Ways to Save the Earth - PART 2

21. Use Fewer plastic bags.
Effect: U.S. households dispose of nearly one hundred billion plastic bags annually, millions of which end up littering the environment and harming endangered marine animals. By reducing plastic bag consumption by just two bags a week, you'll throw away at least on hundred fewer bags per week. If you tied together handle by handle, these plastic bags would make a rope as long enough to wrap around the earth more than 126 times.
22. Refill lotions and soaps instead of buying new hand pumps.
Effect: If the lotion or soap that you usually buy comes with a pump dispenser, you can avoid sending another hand pump to the landfill by purchasing a refill container with a flip cap and just reusing your empty bottle. If 10% of the U.S. households made a one time purchase of a lotion or soap bottle without and attached pump, the plastic saved would be an estimated 250,000 lbs- enough lotion pumps to fill nearly 1,200 tanning booths from floor to ceiling.
23. Visit the Library
Effect: Use the library or buy books from a second hand store Consider sharing the ones that you have with friends and family members, or donate the books rather than throw them away.
24. Try An Adventure Vacation.
Effect: Ninety-eight million people within the last five years hiked, biked,white-water rafted, and kayaked all over the planet. Adventure travel forces travelers to become actively-engaged with new cultures and environments, as well as hopefully becoming more aware and respectful of the outdoors.
25. Use bars of soap verses liquid wash.
Effect: It's less expensive, and it saves packaging waste. The average bar of soap lasts for about twenty showers, whereas a sixteen-ounce bottle of soap lasts for an average of eighty showers. But body wash costs on average more than four times as much as bar soap. If every U.S. household replaced a bottle of body wash with a bar soap, roughly 2.5 million pounds of plastic containers could be diverted from the waste stream.
26. Cause: Use silverware and plates, not plastic ware if you have a choice.
Effect: Even one office worker using just one plastic knife per day could add up to 250 per year. If every other worker used just one a day, it would amount to 15 billion plastic knives a year, enough to create a plastic blade 1.5 million miles long.
27. Use your microwave and keep it clean: If you keep your microwave clean you can maximize its energy.
Effect: This means less electricity used, less money spent, and less time cooking. If everyone in North America cooked exclusively with their microwave for a year, we'd save as much energy as the entire continent of Africa consumes during that same time.
28. Use Cold Water When You Use Your Garbage Disposal.
Effect: Better yet, try not to use it at all by composing all of your food waste or disposing of it in the trash. Your drain will be less clogged, and you'll save money on maintaining your septic system. Disposal waste can disrupt nutrient balance in the water and soil ecosystems, which in turn can harm wildlife.
29. Unplug your T.V..
Effect: Unplug your television when it is not in use. You'll save money and energy. Between 10 and 15 percent of a TV's energy is still used when it is powered "off". TV use accounts for more than 10 percent of the household electricity bills. The average household in America owns more than two TVs. If every home just unplugged their TV sets when they weren't being used, we'd save more than $1 billion per year in energy bills. To make this easier, connect your TV to an outlet that is connected to a wall switch.
30. Use a commercial car wash
Effect: Washing your car in a commercial car wash is better for the environment than doing it yourself.Commercial car washes not only use significantly less water per wash,up to 100 gallons less, but they often recycle and reuse the water.If every American who currently washes a vehicle at home chooses instead to go to a professional car wash,just once,up to 8.7 billion gallons of water could be saved, and some 12 billion gallons of soapy polluted water could be diverted from the country's rivers,lakes, and streams.
31. Use paper cups instead of plastic soda bottles.
Effect: All the paper cups can be reused, and recycled, instead of throwing away plastic bottles. You can save all your paper cups to help the environment.If you throw away 2 aluminum cans, you waste more energy than 1,000,000,000 (one billion) of the world's poorest people use a day.
32. Cause: Airline Passengers- pack one pound less of luggage to save fuel.
Effect: if just one passenger per each flight in this world this year packed one pound less of luggage, they would save enough fuel to fly a Boeing 737 around the world 474 times.
33. Subscribe to your favorite magazine.
Effect: If you subscribe to your favorite magazines instead of buying them from the newsstand, you'll get the convenience of delivery and will save up to 75 percent off of the newsstand price. Sixty percent of most magazines at the newsstand aren't sold and have to be hauled off to the trash dump which is a waste of time, money, and energy.
34. If one quart of leftover paint was recycled from every renovation project in America this year ( 10 percent of all the house paint purchased in the United States is typically thrown out), it would reclaim gallons - enough to paint the outside of the White House every year for the next 43 centuries, or to paint San Francisco's Golden Gate Bridge 250 times.
Effect: Save same amount of Green House gas as a car going 4400 Mile.
35. Close your curtains.
Effect: Close the curtains when it is sunny in the summer and when it is cold in the winter, and you could reduce your energy needs by up to 25 percent. If every house in America kept the curtains closed for additional insulation, the total energy saved annually would be as much as the entire nation of Japan uses in a year.
36. Replace non-recycled toilet paper with recycled toilet paper.
Effect: Replacing just one 500-sheet roll of non-recycled toilet paper a year with one 500-sheet roll of 100 percent recycled paper in every American household would leave 424,000 trees standing-16 times as many trees as are in New York City's Central Park .
37. Cover your pool when you aren't using it.
Effect: You'll cut water lost to evaporation by 90% and therefore the cost of replenishing it. An average-size pool with an average sun and wind exposure loses approximately one thousand gallons of water per month-enough to meet the drinking water needs of a family of four for nearly a year and a half.
38. Skip the gift wrap altogether, reuse ribbons, or use other paper material like old newspaper or maps.
Effect: If each family reused just two feet of holiday ribbon each year, thirty-eight thousand miles' worth would be saved. That's enough to tie a bow around the entire planet.
39. Buy loose candy instead of packaged.
Effect: Buy loose, unwrapped candy from the bin, if you can. Many candy wrappers contain chemicals that make them stain and water resistant but also make them difficult to recycle.
40. Recycle Old Cell Phones.
Effect: One old cell phone recycled by each phone user in America would reclaim enough precious metals to create 631 solid gold replicas of the Egyptian pharaoh Tutankhamen's funerary mask.

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