13 July 2008

Simple Ways to Save the Earth - PART 1

1. Combine your errands instead of daily trips out by car. Effect: If one 20-mile trip per week was cut out (by combining errands) for every registered vehicle in the United States, 145 million fewer tons of greenhouse gases would be released into the air each year. Thats equal to the annual carbon dioxide emissions from 36 coal-fired power plants. 2. Use a rake instead of a gas powered leaf blower. Effect: One hour of using a gas-powered leaf blower produces same amount of Green House gas as a car going 4400 Miles--that is a trip from Salt Lake City, Utah to New York City. 3. The Three Rs Reduce, Reuse, Recycle and remember to respect our earth. Effect: one out of every 3 pounds of the waste that Americans generate is just for packaging which each year adds up to 77 million tons-enough to fill the Louisiana Superdome in New Orleans 37 times. 4. Cause: Buy sliced bread with only a single wrapper instead of those with 2 or more sleeves. Effect: If you buy sliced bread from the bread aisle, try to find loaves that are packaged in only a single wrapper. Double- wrapped loaves contain at least 20 percent more plastic packaging- per gram of bread. The waste generated by this additional wrapper across all households in the Untied States and Canada would weigh nearly sixty thousand pounds- or the total weight of all the food you will ever eat in your lifetime. 5. Install a dual-flush toilet instead of a standard flush low-flow toilet in every new house built in 2008. Effect: They would save 1.65 billion gallons of water a year. 6. Recycle just one soft drink can. Effect: One soft drink can recycled by each elementary school student in America would save 24.8 million cans. That would be enought aluminum to create 21 Boeing 737 airplanes. 7. Turn the light off when you leave a room. Effect: If every American household turned off the lights for one hour, they would prevent more than 16, 610 tons of carbon dioxide from being released-enough to fill every hot air balloon at the anual Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta seven times. 8. Collect one gallon of water once a week from a shower or bath water. Effect: If every american collected one gallon of water a once a week while waiting for the shower or bathwater to get hot(use it for your houseplants!), the total saved would be 15.8 billion gallons of water per year- enough to fill the Reflecting Pool at the National Mall in Washinton D.C. 2,338 times. 9. Turn off power strips when not in use. Effect: The average Americans household continously leaks about fifty watts of electricity. Eliminating that trickle would save $1 billion in energy costs. 10. Replace regular light switches with dimmer lights.. Effect: One dimmer switch replacing a regular on/off switch in every US household would save the electricity necessary to light 1.2 million homes-thats every home in the state of Arkansas!. 11. Use electronic billing instead of paper billing. Effect: If every American switched to receiving just one bill as an electric statement instead of a paper one, the one-time savings would be 217,800,00 sheets--enough to completely blanket the island of Key West in a single layer of paper. 12. Telecommute or carpool one day per per year. Effect: If metro Atlantans who narmally drove to work would telecommute just one day a year instead, they would save more then $50 million in gas-enough to buy an EnergyStar compact florescent bulb for the desk lamps of every college student in the United States. 13. Shower one minute less each day. Effect: If 40 million Americans were to spend just one minute less in the shower each day over their lifetimes, they would save 4 trillion gallons of water---the total amount of rain or snow that falls over the entire lower 48 states of the United States in a day. 14. Try to flush your toilet one less time per day. Effect: You will save about 4.5 gallons of water--as much drinking water as the averae person in Africa uses for a whole day of drinking, cooking, bathing, and cleaning. 15. Recycle your phone book. Better yet, call the phone book company to stop the phone book delivery to your home and use an online directory instead. Effect: Telephone books make up 10 percent of waste at dump sites. 16. Lower your thermostat in every house by 1 degree. Effect: If the thermostat in every house were lowered by just one degree during the winter, the nation would save 260 million barrels of crude oil- enough to fill an oil tanker 400 times. (That's the amount of oil that is imported into the United States from Iraq each year!) 17. Use one or two paper napkins instead of grabbing wads of them. Effect: Each American consumes an average of 2,200 two-ply napkins per year, or just over 6 napkins per day. If each day Americans used just one fewer napkins per day, it would save about 150 million of them from the trash-enough to provide a napkin to every person who eats a hot dog on July 4th. . 18. Instead of using plastic storage containers, use glass or porcelain. Effect: Fewer chemicals will likely leach from the container into the food. Chemicals that transfer from plastic to food and from food to body may cause health risks. 19. Use leftover paper or plastic bags as liners for your trash cans. Effect: You'll save money and time shopping in the big trash bag aisle.The average cost of twenty kitchen trash bags is $5. When one ton of plastic bag is reused, the energy equivalent of eleven barrels of oil is saved. When one ton of paper bags is reused, up to seventeen trees are spared. 20. Recycle your newspaper. Effect: Subscribe to and recycle your newspapers. Newspaper subscribers can save about 50 percent off of the cover price, as well as trips to the newsstand. Each year, ten million tons of newspapers are still tossed into landfills and are not recycled. If just half of these were recycled, it would save seventy-five million trees...

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