09 July 2008

Leave RAIKKONEN alone

Thanks to Evenstar of KR Forum for allowing me putting this video in my blog. Kimi... there's nothing wrong with you. You just acted naturally. Be what you are. (and) That's why I (or maybe we) love you! ^^ You can watch the video here
About This Video
Human nature is a funny thing sometimes. One guy is doing his job as a photographer (and it can be very irritating for the subject which is a person) and the other is trying to do his job but is interrupted. A photographer tries to get a close shot of Kimi preparing for the race, however the Iceman doesn't seem in the mood... That was pretty odd. Damn. Kimi was quite annoyed at that guy being right in his face while he's doing his business. BUT he probably didn't expect the photographer to fall over like that. It went both ways, the guy was in his face, on his stuff, and Kimi didn't like it. Also, Mark Arnall (Kimi's trainer next to him) seems to have got annoyed too, saying "oi, mind the stuff", the exact moment Kimi looked up. The photographer was leaning on Kimi's race stuff. Taken from an interview in Saturday's Silverstone Red Bulletin issue, Kimi says: "I don't mind what people think too much. If they ask nice questions then yes, but for sure if they ask stupid questions I won't answer and they will think I'm a dickhead. But it goes both ways. If everyone's nice to each other it's much easier." Kimi's manager Steve Robertson and Ferrari press man Colajanni were interviewed on the incident, you can download/watch it here
It's negative coverage of the world champion but Kimi's not a jerk. He's the most composed and laid back guy I've ever seen and I don't even know him. If Kimi is a jerk for pushing this guy, he would have done far worse to Lewis Hamilton for crashing into him in the pit lane of the 2008 Canadian GP. But he didn't.

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Interviewer: The helmet has a special meaning for many drivers. How important is it to you?_________ Kimi: It protects my head.