27 June 2008

My Cat died.... (a poem)

Journal Entry (in my DeviantArt): Fri Jun 27, 2008, 2:02 PM

My Cat died....
if you guys see a fat yellow cat here in my DA just wanna tell you his name is Ucup or Koneng (which means yellow) yesterday... i had this very sad experience a neighbor's cat chased him Ucup got shocked and ran ... across the street no... he's never been there... he's a hommie cat he loved to slouch and (just) stayed at home suddenly... a motorcycle passed by ran over him i didn't see it my sis called me crying delivering such an unpleasant news Ucup's there lied breathlessly his eyes opened no blood no sound that afternoon he finally left all of us no subject to my cat photography at the moment gonna miss him for sure be good right there boy... WE LOVE YOU SO MUCH! *IN MEMORIAM OF UCUP/KONENG 2007-JUNE 2008

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