23 April 2008


I had this tacky feeling when watching the qualification, or I guess almost when I watched F1 -to be precise, when watching Kimi Raikkonen on track.

But first, lemme ask you, have you ever experienced kinda nervous feeling when you meet you love interest or someone that you like… ^^ haha… that’s why I put ‘tacky’ on my above statement [it’ll be good if you don’t consider it as that one though].

Every time I see that lad, ^^ I always feel happy… moreover after I met him in Malaysia, I admire him even more with his originality. He’s truly one cool and cold guy; an Iceman. But he’s not that corky though, he still wanted to sign, but NOT taking pictures together. I have to say, I do respect his privacy.

Kenangan ketika nonton F1 di Sepang, Malaysia bulan Maret tahun ini [yg belum sempet gw tulis di blog], bener2 ga bs gw lupain for my whole life.

Ga gw rencanain ketemu those F1 drivers, eh ketemu, bahkan beberapa di antara nya sempet fotbar alias foto bareng.

Kimi, pembalap favorit gw jalannya cepet. Klo mata ga ‘tajam’ n teliti liat sikon, bs lewat deh tuh Flying Finn, hehe…

Untung otak gw udh deprogram buat Raikkonen Alert ^^, hehe… jd fokus utama gw cm ke cowok 'albino' yg satu ini.

Ya mungkin apa yg Iksa tmn gw tanyain wktu itu bener, ‘non, lu ngefans apa obsessed sih ma Kimi?! Sampe rela terlantar di negeri orang segala’, hehehe…. Sa, kynya obsessed deh ^^. Dia berlari (tetap) kan kukejar. Dia ga sombong, termasuk ramah kok –ya ga dgn cara senyum melulu, rajin membantu ibu, suka menolong, rajin menyapa, plus mau ngeladenin fotbar ;-p.

Mbak Niek nih yg suka gangguin gw… ‘Bert, DON’T PUSH HER nya ga akan bisa lu lupain ya…?!!’ <3

Yoi mba’! ^^ Jangan lupa, sama kata… ‘WHAT?’ huehhiihi…

*Kimi said DON’T PUSH HER! to the bodyguards who escorted him when he saw that I was pushed by them.

Kok gw bs keGRan gitu. Bkn apa2, soale pas kejadian ini, cm gw cewek yg lagi ngjer2 dia ^^. Suer… gw langsung ‘melted’ pas dia blg itu smbil nengok ke gw n bodyguards itu. Dengkul langsung ikutan lemes. Hahaha… [Norak mode ON].

**Kimi said WHAT?? To me when I said ‘Kimi, sameko otta kuvia kansasi?’… [Thx to mba Lita for this!]

Tdnya dia agk ga ngeladenin gitu, pas gw ulang lagi n agak kuat, dia nengok ke gw yg berlari2 kecil mengejarnya :-p. trus berkali2 bilang WHAT. Sampe akhirnya dia ngerti dan bilang ‘Sorry not this time’. Hiks… gitu aja gw dah seneng setengah modar n jadi melted lagi, apalagi klo dia agreed ^^. No regrets lah!

Yang aneh, gw kok ga deg-deg duer gitu pas ketemu dia. TAPI, ketika back at home, see his pix, vids, whatever… gw lsg got butterflies in my stomach, and the heart beats faster *_*… See! How tacky it is! X_x but I <3

Frankly, I don’t admire him blindly, I do not admire him for his look –at least at first, I don’t admire him cos he’s popular, but I love him for the way he is… his talents… and his rare smile ^^. Call me loco, but that’s true.

Like him since 2001 in Sauber –when I was still a fan of Mc-Laren and Hakkinen, I had fallen for his amazing rookie’s talents; got his superlicense of FIA with only limited driving experiences, PLUS… he’s also a FINN! ^^ [dunno why, it takes me easily to fall for a finn, hehehe…].

Wish that he’d join Macca, it came true in 2002, but unfortunately never be a WDC and runner up was his best result in the championship.

Surprising me when moving to Ferrari in 2007, I still couldn’t take my eyes out of him. Breaking my vow ‘of never liking Ferrari’… I made a new vow that no matter what team that he’s in, I’ll be always supporting KIMI ‘The Iceman’ RAIKKONEN. He’ll always be my Young beloved Finn and ‘Rookieonen’ ^^.

[Okay, this is the end of this scribble; you can puke now if you want, after reading my non-stop deep down admiration on this Finnish guy…. LOL]. ***

Interviewer: The helmet has a special meaning for many drivers. How important is it to you?_________ Kimi: It protects my head.