20 January 2008

Max & Murray

A novel that was written by Darryl Mason, an Australian author. ISBN 0207190496. 173 pages.

It used to be my favorite, well, since i dunn have the book. i borrowed it from yani, she bought it in gramedia. long after yani went back to her hometown in banten, i realized... i think i have fallen for this novel... i still could hardly remember the story, it's surreal...

max and murray are just ordinary persons with their ordinary life and problems... it's not too good to be true, coz it shows the truth (or facts that happen in our society), eventhough the background of the story is in U.S. but i assume, some of you might have experience what max nad murray had as well.

(adit, a friend that i met in fs, gave his max and murray book to me... ^^ tp sayangnya gw blm smpt2 ngambil tuh buku di pahoman (dia skrg tinggal d jakarta). btw, thanks bgt ya dit!!! nti gw ambil deh, gampang ;p)

Some friends should never move in together. Never. MAX: Murray is losing his mind. There is no other explanation for what is happening to the guy. Shit. Its really getting scary in this place, just watching someone fall apart, which Murray seems to be doing right now. MURRAY: At work today I caught myself wondering what the odds, might be for someone like Max just suddenly having a very terrible and very terminal accident. MAX: Murray may be ten cones short of a mull, but hes no murderer. Hes no killer. Hes just a little fucked up in the head. As we all are. In a way. MURRAY: Today I came up with 78 different ways I can get rid of Max permanently. Its an amazing list.

What happens when two guys with nowhere else to go move in together? Start with a little disagreement about The Right Way to make coffee, jack it up to an argument about who's getting more of the weeks dope supply, and let it grow into some seriously funny mayhem.

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