20 January 2008

Max & Murray

A novel that was written by Darryl Mason, an Australian author. ISBN 0207190496. 173 pages.

It used to be my favorite, well, since i dunn have the book. i borrowed it from yani, she bought it in gramedia. long after yani went back to her hometown in banten, i realized... i think i have fallen for this novel... i still could hardly remember the story, it's surreal...

max and murray are just ordinary persons with their ordinary life and problems... it's not too good to be true, coz it shows the truth (or facts that happen in our society), eventhough the background of the story is in U.S. but i assume, some of you might have experience what max nad murray had as well.

(adit, a friend that i met in fs, gave his max and murray book to me... ^^ tp sayangnya gw blm smpt2 ngambil tuh buku di pahoman (dia skrg tinggal d jakarta). btw, thanks bgt ya dit!!! nti gw ambil deh, gampang ;p)

Some friends should never move in together. Never. MAX: Murray is losing his mind. There is no other explanation for what is happening to the guy. Shit. Its really getting scary in this place, just watching someone fall apart, which Murray seems to be doing right now. MURRAY: At work today I caught myself wondering what the odds, might be for someone like Max just suddenly having a very terrible and very terminal accident. MAX: Murray may be ten cones short of a mull, but hes no murderer. Hes no killer. Hes just a little fucked up in the head. As we all are. In a way. MURRAY: Today I came up with 78 different ways I can get rid of Max permanently. Its an amazing list.

What happens when two guys with nowhere else to go move in together? Start with a little disagreement about The Right Way to make coffee, jack it up to an argument about who's getting more of the weeks dope supply, and let it grow into some seriously funny mayhem.

18 January 2008

The History Boys

The flick was directed by Nicholas Hytner The casts were Richard Griffiths (Hector), Clive Merrison (Headmaster), Stephen Campbell Moore (Irwin), Frances de la Tour (Mrs Lintott), Samuel Anderson (Crowther),Samuel Barnett (Posner), Dominic Cooper (Dakin), James Corden (Timms), Sacha Dhawan (Akthar), Andrew Knott (Lockwood), Jamie Parker (Scripps), Russell Tovey (Rudge)

I must confess i have fallen for this flick. the casts, the plot, and the British accents are interesting. Actually, i have seen this dvd since long time ago, it also caught my attention, but just yesterday i bought it, and then watched it. the boys acted very well, the discussions were 'heavy but understandable (for me)'. if you love English, history, or literature, and that semi-Broadway kinda thing, i suggest you watch this flick.

Director Nicholas Hytner brings Alan Bennett's London and Broadway smash to the screen with the original stage actors and brings out the frisky best in all of them. Set in 1983, the story concerns eight students at a Yorkshire school being pressured to get into elite universities.

The pragmatic Mr. Irwin (an A-plus for Stephen Campbell Moore) sees passing the entrance exams as performance art. Hector (Richard Griffiths), the general-studies teacher, puts the emphasis on learning - that is, when he's not teasing the boys in class or copping a feel on his motorcycle. Griffiths, an actor of expansive girth and talent, is a dynamo who finds every shade of humor and heartbreak in the role. He's especially poignant in his scenes with Samuel Barnett, as a gay misfit who pines for Dominic Cooper's straight object of lust for wankers.

Cooper and Barnett are stars in the making, and Frances de la Tour as the grande dame fed up with teaching "centuries of masculine ineptitude" is a droll, dazzling wonder. The film can't hide its stage origins, and in cutting almost an hour on the journey from stage to screen some resonance is lost. But Bennett's dialogue sparkles and skewers with killer wit. Dig in. ***

Grab it !!!

^^ akhirnya dapat jg lagu lisa ono yg my boy... setelah... *HIKS!!!!* kemarin donlot 1 album full via rapidshare dan berakhir...... semua lagu berhasil di donlot but ONE! yaitu.... my boy... T_T. sapa yg ga mau nangis, 'perjuangan' dL* berjam-jam demi 1 lagu itu sukses mengecewakan gw. tapi hari ini.... ^^ huahahha.... *evil grin* daku berhasil donlot banyak lagu via imeem. bahkan akhirnya dapet Bittersweet nya Relax feat. Jamie Cullum (my jazzy guy ^_-)... Love this song a lot! eh ya, td di sekolah sempet 'kolaps' di medical centre krn kepala pusingggg bgt plus gastritis gw kumat... setelah dikasih antalgin sama suster, tidur ga tau sampe bbrp menit, akhirnya jam 2.45 bangun dan segera bergegas ke kelas buat sign student's diary. jam 3 nya ada rapat soal open house tmi, gw kebagian jd ketua koordinator program... lumayan 'berat' kerja nya (since i must be responsible for making sure that this event runs smoothly)... ya tp it's a kind of challenge as well... (at least i TRY MY BEST to consider it that way, bwahahaha... -sigh). pas mau pulang, eh di jalan hujan tiba2 turun dgn derasnya... terpaksa mampir ke tempat benk2... n kebetulan jg dewi bilang dia mau maen ke sana... setelah hujan ckp reda, dewi dateng, chit chat ckp lama, kita berencana mau lanjut kemana... gitu... as usual, gw hanya bilang 'ya... kita lht aja kmn roda me-ow gw melaju'. jdlah dewi ngikutin gw dr belakang, dan akhirnya 'pikiran' gw berakhir di chandra karang ^^. ketemu asuni-chan yg lagi jaga stan... setelah sebelumnya menyengajakan diri toko musik (D'Music) tanpa berniat membeli apapun sampai..... gw lht lisa ono's album yg ada my boy nya... hahaha... ya udah, terjadilah another impulse buying.... T_T.... kymn gw bs nabung buat maret klo begini terus..... hiks! ***
RELAX FT. JAMIE CULLUM BITTERSWEET LYRICS As I'm reflecting, about what happend, I'm puttin some doubts among my actions, suggestions Why I said goodbye. Cause I deteced a little to late made some mistakes have to accept it, digest it, the reason I cry. How I tried to find a better way, was confused about wich path to take, determined to make this go away. This non communicative thing I'm sleeping on drinks at night, just to dry those eyes. I'm telling how I feel right now, I'm lost in this cry. "Can't let go" All I want it to be was a part of you, me, suddenly lonely me is al that's left, I'm on hold All I want it to be was a part of you, me, seems to be bittersweet, still I don't know where it goes. Got so many questions, that I've been asking up in my mind, I'm counting my blessings, Your lessons about taking my time! That's why I'm thanking you for loving me and learning me to reckon, understanding, those things in life. So excuse me for for the moves I made. Now I'm scared to see you face to face. I can't discribe this nagging pain, for now I letting it rain. I'm sleeping on drinks at night, just to dry those eyes. I'm telling you how I feel at night, I'm lost in this cry. Can't let go. All I want it to be was a part of you, me, suddenly lonely me is al that's left, I'm on hold All I want it to be was a part of you, me, seems to be bittersweet, still I don't know where it goes. All the time I think about the emptiness I feel like every day. She's steady always on my mind. And all the time I think about, the happiness she will find along the way. She sways. Should I just be the one that let's it fade? All I want it to be was a part of you, me, suddenly lonely me is al that's left, I'm on hold All I want it to be was a part of you, me, seems to be bittersweet, still I don't know where it goes. Oh ooh oh I don't know where it goes..
Interviewer: The helmet has a special meaning for many drivers. How important is it to you?_________ Kimi: It protects my head.