30 December 2007

No Nu year's eve...

one of my friends canceled the nu year's celebration that she had planned with my other friends. she invited me, but i said i couldn't make my mind up since PERHAPS i'd have another plan for that evening. do i care?!! NO! sorry for sayin that BUT don not accuse me as the party ruiner coz... heck! i dunn ask her to cancel that, they can have fun w/out me though! so why bother! this new year's eve i wanna spend my time by watching a stack of dvds that i haven't had time to watch yet. i wanna stay at home with my family, coz d next day, i still have lots of activities to do. new year is just a matter of changin the calendar... and starting to have new resolution for the upcoming year (although u SURELY can create new resolution every single day, IMHO). i always try to be a better person every day.... try not to repeat the same old mistakes n keep the good works. oh well, guess i gotta end my scribble now. i dunn fell okay now, my stomach's hurt. went swimming this morning, got some progress as well ^_-. c ya!

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