06 July 2007



karena pingin cari CD Install printer HP gw, jadi deh buka-buka koleksi CD yg menumpuk di dalam lemari. Jadi mau ketawa sendiri, melihat betapa buanyaknya DVD film gw, tp baru beberapa yg udah ditonton. Trus lihat koleksi CD burn-an yg rata-rata isinya MP3 files 'n pictures... sangking ga ter well-organized nya gw, you can find the same files on the other CDs x_x.

And the things that even made me giggling and reminisce bout my 'past' were Playstation 1 CDs, which of course my fave games only. They're NEED FOR SPEED (Unleashed Porsche_Hot Pursuit), GRAN TURISMO (1+2), and FORMULA ONE '99 (no Kimi for sure ^_-). The condition is okay -just a couple of scratch but it's not a matter.

I remembered of playing these games day and night (esp. NFS), struggling hard to get some 'cash' to achieve my goal in buying Mc-Laren car ^o^ or to get the 1st trouphy. Analog stick was (and is) my favourite. I won the races most of the time when competing with my brother, cousin, and uncles. We even discussed bout the technique; how to hit the break in the chicane, how to control the pace, and other things related to automotive. I don't know exactly, how I could fall for this 'man thing'; automotive/be a speed freak. None in my family had that big influence in 'contaminating' me to love this 'world'. I mean in term of persuading me to like this thing or that thing.

My uncle had subscribed Otomotif tabloid since early 90's, my grandpa liked to fix his car in the garage, while at home my dad is a big fan of Bola tabloid (he's a football freak). I love to see them doing their activities, and was always interested in trying them, and the nicest thing is that they're happy to welcome 'a princess' into their world, and taught me a lot of things.

Can't remember when I started to give much attention on football and racing, but all I could say is that I've been a huge fan of Man.Utd since class of 92 (Becks and friends), and be an F1 freak since 1997.


I used to admire Becks 'da wonder boy from Old Trafford' for years, oh.. btw, I also set my heart for the 'Baby Face Assassin' Solskjaer. Ole is superb! He might be a sub. But he works magically splendid. Becks?! Well, need say no more, he's the man! ^o^. I prefer English Premier League to others. Love the 'Kick 'n Rush'... a quick game, and lots of 'fighting', hehhe.... -remember the 'King' Cantona's kick?!! Haiya!!! ;-p


* * *


Mc-Laren will always be my favourite team of all time. Senna, Hakinnen, and Raikkonen are the drivers I like till now. Like the way they drive this high-speed land jet. My fav. racer and Mc-Laren had always been a complete 'package' of my preference... but not this season T_T... Mc-Laren has new drivers, and Kimi 'Iceman' Raikkonen moved to Ferrari.... Hiks..... something that I could never want to imagine. It's a lot better for me to see him in another team but the 'Italiano'.Oh well... what could I do?!? I'm just a fan of KR. [Kinda MAD to see Ferrari's speed!!! What's wrong?!! Can't you make the car faster enough to catch FA or LH x_x].
This year, I've canceled my plan of going to Sepang, Malaysia, coz at the same time, I was about to do job interview for TMI, I felt so sad and disappointed though (I even couldn't watch Jamie Cullum's concert T_T). But next year, I plan -insya4JJI- to see Singapore GP and Malaysian GP. Hope really badly that FIA won't hold a night race there.

Check out my DREAM CAR (mini cooper) below...

Interviewer: The helmet has a special meaning for many drivers. How important is it to you?_________ Kimi: It protects my head.