30 December 2007

No Nu year's eve...

one of my friends canceled the nu year's celebration that she had planned with my other friends. she invited me, but i said i couldn't make my mind up since PERHAPS i'd have another plan for that evening. do i care?!! NO! sorry for sayin that BUT don not accuse me as the party ruiner coz... heck! i dunn ask her to cancel that, they can have fun w/out me though! so why bother! this new year's eve i wanna spend my time by watching a stack of dvds that i haven't had time to watch yet. i wanna stay at home with my family, coz d next day, i still have lots of activities to do. new year is just a matter of changin the calendar... and starting to have new resolution for the upcoming year (although u SURELY can create new resolution every single day, IMHO). i always try to be a better person every day.... try not to repeat the same old mistakes n keep the good works. oh well, guess i gotta end my scribble now. i dunn fell okay now, my stomach's hurt. went swimming this morning, got some progress as well ^_-. c ya!

25 December 2007

Don't Shoot Me Santa!

I don't celebrate christmas, but i must confess, i like "don't shoot me santa" by the killers. funny video, and catchy lyrics... love to see brandon's way in singing... ^^ think i'm going to upload the file later. u can watch the video here....

17 November 2007

Ke Ranau

Bareng JHS crew jalan utk survey buat camp thn dpn di Danau Ranau, Lampung Barat. Jalanmya lmyn lama, 8 jam! Berangkat dari sekolah sktr jam 9 pagi (mundur 1 jam dr rencana), gw, Bu Erma (my boss), Pak Taufik, Pak Yus (the school's driver), Bowo, Abe Baijuri, n Ira 'Mantap!' the secretary segera menuju lokasi yg dituju (bahasa gw ky Buser ya?!?). Naik mobil APV sekolah perjalanan diwarnai dgn non-stop saling kongek, mampir ke RM, smp pas dini hari nya pun, Abe msh smpet2nya muntah, hahaha... *ga keren deh lu Be! Kaget naek mobil bagus ya?! ^^ Korban kongek ya klo ga gw, ya Ira, yg disms-in n ditalipunin pacarnya mulu. Kalo kagak pinter jawab n ngeles ya... bakal lama dah jadi 'korban' kebrutalan jokes mereka, hehe... Karena udah mau pagi (ktr jam 3 dini hari klo ga salah), kita mampir ke Lumbok, n tny soal hotel di sana (lokasinya totally amazing, Danau Ranau emng indah bgt deh!). Pas disana, baru aja tiba, eh pacarnya nelpon lagi, haha... mulai deh kongek ^^ mulai dari manggil ira 'sayang', 'booking hotel', dll. Krn kesel Ira ksh telpnya ke Abe. "Nih Be! pacar gw mau ngomong. haha... si abe sok ksh nasehat gitu ke pcrnya, mulai dr jgn khawatir lah, bakal jagain ira lah, blablabla. Abis nerima telp itu lsg abe crita ma gw n lainnya, "haha... masak td dia (pacar ira) lsg nurut gitu ma gw bilang 'iya bang, iya....". ^^

27 October 2007

WDC Yeah!!!

NOW we're talking!


what’s that? well, it’s just another term of insomnia for me since it’s comin again -SIGH.

tryin to fix the blogs here and there, plus checking my social networking websites…

need to learn more (again) bout css and html. got the hang of them months ago, now i am completely forget about all of those stuff.


21 October 2007


Brazilian GP hari minggu lalu benar-benar seri yg membuat semua fans jet darat ini tidak bs lega sebelum semuanya finis. Bagaimana tidak, 3 pembalap punya kesempatan menjadi WDC 2007 (tentunya dgn syarat tertentu).

Dari start... jantung saya berdetak kencang, jari tak berhenti ber sms ria dgn sesama F1 mania, mengomentari semua momen selama balapan.

Mulai dari mobil Hamilton yg tiba-tiba melambat, aksi overtaking Kubica, tertabraknya seorang pitcrew, detik-detik Raikkonen keluar pitlane dan disusul Massa, hingga yg pamungkas... Raikkonen finis pertama dan menjadi WDC 2007.

Forum, mailing list, serta situs balap langsung penuh dengan berita ini. Tapi, baru saja hendak menikmati euforia kemenangan... muncul berita soal banding Mc-Laren soal BMW. Tapi semuanya (terutama fans Kimi) tetap optimis, karena The Iceman layak jadi juara lebih dari siapapun.

, kata itu yg teman saya kirim via sms kepada saya sesaat setelah Kimi Raikkonen memenangi seri terakhir balapan di Sao Paulo, Brasil.

Perjuangannya mendapat gelar WDC bukan hal sepele belaka. 'Persistence', itu barangkali nama tengah Kimi. Setelah ditimpa masalah reliability mobil, disebut ga punya mental juara, hobi mabuk nya, sampai soal 'jinx' (yg tdk jelas itu), akhirnya KIMI MATIAS RAIKKONEN mendapatkan kado terindah buat Ulang Tahun nya kali ini, sebuah gelar WDC yang sudah diidam-idamkannya sejak lama, dan diraih lewat sebuah 'breath-taking race' yang menutup indah seri balap Formula One tahun 2007.

Sekali lagi,
Bravo Kimi!
Stay as cool as you are now Finn! :)

12 October 2007

Happy Idul Fitri

Eh ya... mumpung jaringan belum pada sibuk dan macet ^^, aye mau ngucapin...
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06 July 2007



karena pingin cari CD Install printer HP gw, jadi deh buka-buka koleksi CD yg menumpuk di dalam lemari. Jadi mau ketawa sendiri, melihat betapa buanyaknya DVD film gw, tp baru beberapa yg udah ditonton. Trus lihat koleksi CD burn-an yg rata-rata isinya MP3 files 'n pictures... sangking ga ter well-organized nya gw, you can find the same files on the other CDs x_x.

And the things that even made me giggling and reminisce bout my 'past' were Playstation 1 CDs, which of course my fave games only. They're NEED FOR SPEED (Unleashed Porsche_Hot Pursuit), GRAN TURISMO (1+2), and FORMULA ONE '99 (no Kimi for sure ^_-). The condition is okay -just a couple of scratch but it's not a matter.

I remembered of playing these games day and night (esp. NFS), struggling hard to get some 'cash' to achieve my goal in buying Mc-Laren car ^o^ or to get the 1st trouphy. Analog stick was (and is) my favourite. I won the races most of the time when competing with my brother, cousin, and uncles. We even discussed bout the technique; how to hit the break in the chicane, how to control the pace, and other things related to automotive. I don't know exactly, how I could fall for this 'man thing'; automotive/be a speed freak. None in my family had that big influence in 'contaminating' me to love this 'world'. I mean in term of persuading me to like this thing or that thing.

My uncle had subscribed Otomotif tabloid since early 90's, my grandpa liked to fix his car in the garage, while at home my dad is a big fan of Bola tabloid (he's a football freak). I love to see them doing their activities, and was always interested in trying them, and the nicest thing is that they're happy to welcome 'a princess' into their world, and taught me a lot of things.

Can't remember when I started to give much attention on football and racing, but all I could say is that I've been a huge fan of Man.Utd since class of 92 (Becks and friends), and be an F1 freak since 1997.


I used to admire Becks 'da wonder boy from Old Trafford' for years, oh.. btw, I also set my heart for the 'Baby Face Assassin' Solskjaer. Ole is superb! He might be a sub. But he works magically splendid. Becks?! Well, need say no more, he's the man! ^o^. I prefer English Premier League to others. Love the 'Kick 'n Rush'... a quick game, and lots of 'fighting', hehhe.... -remember the 'King' Cantona's kick?!! Haiya!!! ;-p


* * *


Mc-Laren will always be my favourite team of all time. Senna, Hakinnen, and Raikkonen are the drivers I like till now. Like the way they drive this high-speed land jet. My fav. racer and Mc-Laren had always been a complete 'package' of my preference... but not this season T_T... Mc-Laren has new drivers, and Kimi 'Iceman' Raikkonen moved to Ferrari.... Hiks..... something that I could never want to imagine. It's a lot better for me to see him in another team but the 'Italiano'.Oh well... what could I do?!? I'm just a fan of KR. [Kinda MAD to see Ferrari's speed!!! What's wrong?!! Can't you make the car faster enough to catch FA or LH x_x].
This year, I've canceled my plan of going to Sepang, Malaysia, coz at the same time, I was about to do job interview for TMI, I felt so sad and disappointed though (I even couldn't watch Jamie Cullum's concert T_T). But next year, I plan -insya4JJI- to see Singapore GP and Malaysian GP. Hope really badly that FIA won't hold a night race there.

Check out my DREAM CAR (mini cooper) below...

14 April 2007

Nu Job....

I dunno 'bout this nu job. I mean...can I be as 'free' as now if I take this job? Can I go traveling and watching music concert/gig as often as I like? Can I do backpacking with my fellas? Can I make my dream of watching F-1 in Sepang and/or Singapore next year come true? I mean... it's about time... hiks... (I just couldn't express it here now) T_T

07 April 2007

No Kimi today?!?

Kinda sucks today. That local TV doesn't air the qualification of Sepang Grand Prix. As a result, I am spending my time now in front of the com. and keeping my eyes on the live timing web to know the result. Some of my friends from F1 mania/Indonesia asked me to join them to Malaysia. Well, how I wish I could. Unfortunately, got a bunch of works to done here. Just couldn't leave them, even for the thing I love very much (F1).

Go KIMIku !!!

Go..... Kimi! ^^
Interviewer: The helmet has a special meaning for many drivers. How important is it to you?_________ Kimi: It protects my head.